The Pro Glide range of mowers offers a number of unique features which deliver;

  • Superior floatation
  • Self adjusting cutter bar angle
  • Constant cutter bar ground pressure
  • Enhanced cutter bar protection
  • Optimum conditioning
  • Clean uniform swath
  • Higher output
  • Optimum transport position
  • Greater visibility

Due into stock ready for 2022 season 0% finance available.

McHale are introducing the new McHale Pro Glide R3100 to its Pro Glide range of mowers.

  • This rear mower uses unique Patented Ground Following Technology, break-back protection, clever hydraulic ground pressure control and heavy duty bed design which make the Pro Glide a smart choice for farmers and contractors alike.

To achieve the maximum performance and results from a rear mower, the cutter bar and mower suspension work together to deliver uncontaminated forage.

  • As a result McHale have developed a unique patented ground adaption technology which delivers 3 dimensional ground contour tracking for its Pro Glide range of rear mowers. This allows the mower an arc of movement from left to right and also allows the mower to move forward and back to adjust to changes in ground conditions.